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Kawasaki Engines – Celebrating 60 Years of Engineering Excellence

Kawasaki Engines are celebrating a significant anniversary in 2017. The year marks the 60th Anniversary of production of the first Kawasaki general purpose petrol engines in Japan.

1957 saw the start of production of both the KF4 and KF3 engines at Kawasaki Heavy Industries Akashi Works plant in Japan.

The KF4 was the first Kawasaki 4-stroke petrol engine which originally powered Japanese agricultural applications such as tillers, rice hullers, and the first Kawasaki powered walk-behind mowers.

The KF3 was the first 2-stroke petrol engine and also powered rice hullers as well as water pumps and threshing machines.

Since then, Kawasaki Engines has developed into a global company with a reputation for producing high performance, high quality petrol engines powering professional machinery in the industrial, grounds-care, turfcare, utility and related markets.

Kawasaki Engines Europe are celebrating the 60th Anniversary throughout 2017; with Distributors and OEMs, at trade shows, in the media, online, and through promotions and competitions.

Kawasaki Engines history - key dates

1957   -           KF3 & KF4 Engines released

1959   -           KF51 developed as first OEM Engine

1964   -           KF10 (KT18) and KT25 designed for handheld products

1972   -           KG Generators launched using KF Series Engines

1978   -           KMC Engine Division established in Shakopee, Minnesota, US

           -           FA Engine Series launched

1981   -           FG Engine Series launched

1984   -           FB460V first Engine produced for ride-on mower application

1985   -           FC Engine Series launched

1987   -           FC150V first Engine produced for walk-behind mower application

           -           FD Engine Series launched

1988   -           FE Engine Series launched

1989   -           KMM Maryville plant set-up

1992   -           KMC Engine Division moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

1993   -           TH Engine Series launched

1995   -           KEE Engine Division established in Gent, Belgium

1997   -           FH Engine Series launched

1998   -           FH-D Series Launched

2002   -           TJ-E Engine Series launched

                        FJ-D Engine Series launched

                        FJ-V Engine Series launched

2004   -           TK Engine Series launched

2005   -           FX Engine Series launched

2007   -           TJ-V Engine Series launched

2008   -           KME (KEE) Engine Division moves to Bourne End, Bucks, UK

2010   -           FR & FS Engine Series launched

2012   -           CK&K production factory set-up in China

2016   -           FX730V EFI wins Top Twenty New Product in US